Monday, May 08, 2006

Answers to Questions on CGI


MattSpew said...

Can CGI be used to interface with a database, like Access??

Also, what advantages does this motor car have over, say, a train --
which I could also afford?

Nelson said...

Yes mattspew you can use CGI to interface with ms access using ODBC DBD method installed on your server.

also the advatages of this car is that you have the freedom of not being bound to the same track continuously and ... im sorry i believe this is off the topic and i can not comment on this much but i will say "Maple Syrup".


ruler of men said...

good blog nelson, so cgi is a mini program that someone has written and puts on the server so when a link is clicked on a we site the program runs and performs a task?

Nelson said...

yes it runs a program on the server please refer to the first post about this.


susiemin said...

on reading your post I now know that cgi go with my http

Bradley Beckett said...

I didn't find any referencing so that I could look at.

Nelson said...

im not sure i completely understand the question.

Monday, March 27, 2006

CGI "Common Gateway Interface"

The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a standard for interfacing external applications with information servers, such as HTTP or Web servers, which means its a user friendly frontend of a database among other things. CGI program is executable, The equivalent of letting the world run a program on your system. the cgi files need to be in a special folder called "/cgi-bin", so that the web server knows to execute the file rather then display random characters.
A CGI program can be written in any language that allows it to be executed on the system, but it is important to understand that cgi isnt a language its just way of running programs on the server, the languages that it can be written in are:

* C/C++
* Fortran
* Any Unix shell
* Visual Basic
* AppleScript

The current version of CGI common gate way interface is CGI/1.1.
CGI is used for submitting a form, creating a guest book or forum, keeping track of and rotating your ads. Most CGI scripts are written in PERL.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

FTP Clients

CuteFTP - hard to get used too ... but looks like it has alot of potential.
Features - Drag & Drop, Schedual with fully automated transfers, Synchronise sites, Scripting, macros and setup wizards.
Cost : Professional $59.95 single user, Home $39.99US single user

- Most powerful and has alot of features and is fairly easy to navigate
Features - Remote to Remote file transfers, scripting, schedualing , synchronise sites utility, Drag & drop,Setup wizards and multipart downloads.
Cost : Professional 2006 $54.95US single user

FTP Voyager
- looks like i has a few features but for evaluation software you need to give a email so its untested.
Features - Modern Cusomizable interface, Data Compression, Power Transfer, Bandwidth control and Drag & drop.
Cost : Secure version $49.95US for 1-19 licences, 30 day trial.

SmartFTP - havent tried this one yet
Features - Customisable interface, Auto backup of settings and data, Easy nav on local and remote browsers, drag & drop, on the fly compression and multiple connections
Cost : 50.03AU and free for Educational and home use

FTP Explorer
- i installed this onto the removable drive and ... no dice. it wont go past the installation page, it froze the system and i became angry, Preview looks alot like windows 95.
Features - Multiple file transfers, can resume interupted sessions and desktop short cuts to remote ftp sites.
Cost : free trial for 15 days or $49.95AU for 1-9 licences

CoffeeCup Free FTP
- Simple, free and quite possibly crap
Features - Can resume interupted sessions and Drag and drop
Cost : Free

FTP Commander - looks like it has alot of features on the deluxe version but not on the standard or pro
Features - Deluxe is very secure, Supports alot of encrypting, Drag and drop, Multiple simultaneous connections and File compression.
Cost : basic version Free, Deluxe $49.95US

- untested but is opensource so will work but will have problems and a lack of consistency between versions
Features - Drag and drop, supports SSL, Can resume interupted sessions, Can apparently Queue items... cant they all?
Cost : Free

Monday, February 13, 2006

First post ... pretty shit and non exciting.